Chase Records

The Hard Electronic Net Label

The goal of this free net label, created in early 2005 is the promotion of Hard Electronic Music.

We release artists who produce hard and / or dark stuff in styles such as Hardcore, Hard & Dark Drum'n'bass, Ambient, Dark Ambient, Industrial, Techno, Hard Techno, Noize, Breakcore, Acidcore, Gabber, Doomcore, Speedcore, Terror, Darkcore, Experimental, Drone, Eletronica, IDM, Darkstep, Improvisation, Dubstep. These releases can last between 10 and 80 minutes and be composed of 2 to ++ tracks.

Then, the tracks are put online on the website (see our “Releases”, “Mixes” and “Hors Serie” pages) and also shared on "peer to peer" application like Soulseek. Releases are also available through and now they can be streamed and downloaded on Myspace too.

Chase releases are also hosted and can be streamed & downloaded on Dogmazic, Jamendo and CoreZeam, 3 great platforms for independent labels and artists.

We think this modest label could be a good thing for hard electronic music because it could allow underground artists to become more famous on the web. So, as they can find other contacts and maybe they will release a real 12 inch or CD in the future!

We also release tracks from artists who are already famous in their own styles, in order to give the label a very eclectic sight.

Our main goal is the broadcasting of hard electronic music whatever the artists are newcomers or well known producers. So please, if you downloaded our music : share, broacast, play it wherever you can and wherever you want.

We can also send CD-R copies of our releases for promotional use on underground radio show. Contact us if you're interested.