D-Trash Records

D-Trash Records

Formed in 1998, Canada's D-TRASH Records started as an online collective by members of CPUWAR and DJ RABIES as the beginnings of an international network of exciting and extreme electronic music artists.

In 2000, the group formed into an official record label, headed by D-TRASH artist SCHIZOID, the label now coming forth with pressed CD releases for sale in stores; as well, continuing the practice of releases of full-length albums through the internet as MP3 for download.

The label sprouted with artists based in many parts of the world, whose material was getting such acclaim and press from KERRANG, TERRORIZER, ROCK SOUND, and INDUSTRIAL NATION - In 2003 D-TRASH Records CDs were picked up for a North American distribution deal with infamous German label DIGITAL HARDCORE RECORDINGS through CAROLINE Distribution, as well as many D-TRASH artists also appearing on the 3xCD DHR compilation "Don't Fuck With Us".

To date in 2008, its 10th year of business, the label has put out 8 professionally pressed CDs and 1 DVD available in stores/distros worldwide and have released roughly 120 full length albums (with artwork) available for MP3 download on the http://www.dtrashrecords.com site.

We first started out very naively, ultimately learning along the way from our mistakes and successes, existing as a premier provider of underground electronic music through the internet and in record stores.

We're definitely not another generic label; we've gone about things in a completely different manner than anyone else. It’s something to be proud of when you're in your early twenties (some of us are much older, and much younger these days) and a part of something so special.

It might be cool to read about, but listen to our tracks and we're sure you'll be surprised. DTRASH is all about music in the end. DTRASH. Our sound since 98. It’s been good and will keep getting better. Oh yeah.

Probably the best Digital Hardcore label nowadays. All releases available online (something to admire in current times), and many of them are top quality stuff. Breakcore/Speedcore/Digital Hardcore/Noise/Dark Ambient/IDM.... this label shows eveything packed under a form of irreverence and mostly, anti-commercial feeling.

Worth listening and supporting, and probably one of a kind.

Not for the weak-minded...

Fucking good label... Fucking good artists... Fucking good releases...