Keep music and art free

This site has been around since the start of 2006, and it's pre paid well into 2011. We are here to stay. Dramacore Netlabel was made for people looking to download legal free music, and to support a diverse array of artists wanting to avoid corporations. long live the do it yourself spirit.

This isn't some weekend warrior hipster bullshit. we don't use unreliable free file hosting like MANY other sites to send out music around here. We've never had downtime for months or even days. While we still very much love the labels that have gone through those hard times, something can be learned from downtime they've had. And we have taken precautions to make sure this domain will be here 10 years from now. We've gone the extra mile so you can rest knowing this label wont suddenly vanish like so many others. And most of all we stand to vigilantly oppose organizations such as RIAA.

Keep music and art free!