Hard Sound Radio

Underground music for the harder generation


Hard & Dark Radio is a spin off of what was hard-sound-music who worked as a worldwide distributor of hard music via mail order on the internet.
We have been involved in the underground techno scene since 1993 & have been traiding for the last 6 years providing the world with dark & mind blowing music from some of the greatest djs worldwide.

Hard & Dark Radio is a 24/7 radio station which is dedicated to playing only the harder styles of music.

We are not into happy & want to play the music that the other stations wont. if this means staying away from the mainstream then thats what we will do. we understand that there is a smaller market for more underground styles but thats what we are all about.

As well as providing you with 24/7 radio we will be hosting a number of live shows with some of the most hated sounds worldwide. we have a lot of known djs who will be playing in future events as well as a large range of new talent from across the globe which are not to be missed.

We grew up in a small town in the south west of the uk which had night clubs just not enough people with the same sence in music.

Hardsound radio working together with Gabbanation Berlin to bring you only the hardest & darkest underground dance music free to your livingroom. We are hosting a number of large shows featuring some of the worlds most talented dj`s. We are 100% dedicated to underground so check us out at www.hardsoundradio.co.uk

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This station kicks ass, I have been hoocked for about 3 weeks now & the shows are getting better every time. these guys know the score. Its about time there was music like this online.



HardSoumdRadio-HSR is cooking up a storm!! More info at http://hardersound.net