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illphabetik is an international music collective or "net-label" releasing free experimental music since 2003.

Danish net-label founded in 2003. Specializing in a wide variety of music including Breakcore, IDM, Drum & Bass, Illbient, Hardcore, Ambient, Electro, Glitch, Acid, Broken Beat, and Minimal.

It all began as a small project in 2003, as two young individuals sat down to make some experimental music. Since then the crew has grown from 3 to 6 members, and will hopefully continue in this direction.

We have been trying to vacuum the Danish underground for artists of the same musical conviction as ourselves. We have not yet accomplished greater than a couple of live shows, two tracks on a D&D-remix compilation and what you'll be able to find on our page.

As long as we have the possibility of expressing ourselves through music and sharing it with who ever might be interested, we have succeeded our main goal.

We are working hard to be productive and to create our own unique expressions.

We are not only breakcore or electronica or whatever we choose as our main-genre. We are all artists describing basic human emotions with sound as our main artistic effect.

So spread the word!!

We are all proud to present ourselves as members of iLLpHABETik.

illphabetikcrew |at|

Demo's go to above email. Please read our guidelines avaliable here before submitting your demo.

Every response is welcome... for instance, if you've seen this page and are thinking: "damn these guys rocks, i like to be a part of it!" and you just happen to have some musical, mixing, visual, networking or organizing skills, then please don't hesitate to contact us.

NOTE: We are currently in bad need of some writers for doing release descriptions. Volunteers will be rewarded graciously lol.

Need to contact an individual artist? You might wanna look in the profiles section for hints and clues. No guarantees tho!

damn i wish i could edit this shit. Description here is out of date to say the least.
Thats what you get for spamming music hosting sites in the early years trolol