Mainframe Ft. Whiplash - Angry Gods

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Today o3 Commander in chief Mainframe published a new audio file, which has now become available for free at our download network.

This brand new item from the chief himself, got the code name: 'Angry gods'.

Without the share of the vocal part from Whiplash, our head of the alien speech translation facility, the job would not have been done better.

Max Damage - Fallen Angel

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o3 welcomes Max Damage to our base!

He discovered and secured all classified data from the heavily damaged commanding vessel 'The Angel' before the enemy did and risked his life during a long journey on the dangerous upper levels from the earth.

Defrag - Battle For The Mind at O3 Records

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O3's youngest talent Defrag's second release 'Battle for the mind' is now available at our free download network.

His first introduction release 'Pop the crotch' achieved great dowloading results and became number one in o3 charts within a short period of time...

His newest contribution to our network should at least push our servers to the same limits as during the release of his first recording.
as yet we foresee no large problems considering the O3 servers have been calculated on it...

'The Angel' located in the North of Holland!