5 brand new great releases

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It took some time but NTR is back with 5 brand new releases.

[NTR020] Lausanne - Budapest Connection
Split-release / collaborative effort between Hellboy, Brënyák, , Gabba Voodoo & Kashim representing the European cities of Lausanne (Switzerland) and Budapest (Hungary). Compiled by Hellboy, this crazy team-up unleash with some raw dark frenchcore, industrial and terror styles on this original sounding 5 track EP!

[NTR021] BoyMeatsGirl - RavecuntAnthemsForAShitFistedGenerration
The cunt is back! Sticking another glow-stick up the arse of the rave scene with 18 tracks of patented BoyMeatsGirl insanity! With tracks like 'Intercunt Ragecore', 'Funkymotherlover', 'Pillchucker Blastfest' and 'Faggots On Ice' you can tell you are definitely onto a winner with this one!

All your favourite genres raped and made a complete mockery of... Adelaide city cuntcore at it's finest!

[NTR022] Deftrax - Art Of Dance
From Germany, NTR is proud to bring you the debut release of Deftrax with his 'Art Of Dance' EP. Four tracks of pure and relentless old-school sounding industrial hardcore including standout tracks 'Distraction Bells' and 'Cooking Dope Shop'... definitely yet another young producer to keep an eye on!

[NTR023] Michael T Roper - Slutcake
Australia's best kept breakcore secret is back with another release on NTR, this time serving us up 12 tracks of patented M.T.R insanity on his 'Slutcake' MP3LP! With tracks like 'Cod-Liver-oil Guzzling Fuckhead', 'Fuck Victoria Electricity'and the hilarious opening track 'Connex and Vline Can Lick My Salted Fucking Nuts', MTR shows those trendy Wankcore kids how it is done yet again!

[NTR024] Surrealizt - Ballistics
'Ballistics' is the first release from young Australian producer, Surrealizt. Four tracks of top-notch, original sounding industrial-infused breakcore and hardcore including 'The Centre For Better Business' and 'Xylene'. Catchy kick-driven, dark-edged mayhem without any hint of cheese!