Craig Hardsound

Underground music for the harder generation

Craig has been into the hard music scene since 1993 where he got heavily into early Acid Techno on labels like Smitten, Havoc, Routemaster. As time went on & the hard Acid scene faded around 94-95 Craig found himself becoming more involved in to Gabba & Hardcore Techno. He was taken to his first Hardcore party at the age of 15 by his older brother where he was introduced to a few of the DJs' & has never looked back since. He still to this day is fully devoted to the music & is part owner of Hardcore-Central & HSR.


Craig Hardsound, Gabberman, The Dj Basketcase

Techno, Darkcore, Gabba, Hardcore Techno, Frenchcore & Speedcore.

Biochip C, Cellblock X, Chris liberator, lawrie immersion, Lenny Dee, The Dj Producer, Hammer Damage, The Speedfreak, Tron, Micropoint, Simon Underground, Mark N, Delta 9.