Furious Monkey Records

Ready for your Rush?

Furious Records is mainly a label that allows producers to express themselves. The main goal is to keep the music hard and distorted, letting the producers make the music sound their way, whether it is speedcore, industrial hardcore or whatever the artist feels in between. The label is founded by Cris, Tim and Erwin and is focussing on the newer and harder sounds in the scene. We are a young and growing label that encourages creativity and originality.

Furious Monkey Records gives everyone who wants to take a shot at a place in the hardcore scene a chance. Anyone who likes to produce it rough, heavy, distorted music can send their demo tracks to us.

FMR makes sure the scene keeps getting new talent!

Are you hardcore enough and do you have a passion for distorted music? Do you got the balls to stay and are you ready for the rush? FMR sure is!

You can download some free mp3s in release section: http://www.furiousmonkeyrecords.com/

hmm that link is not quite propa.. shud just link http://www.furiousmonkeyrecords.com