naboa music

Cut Party / Cut Party / Cut Party

net-label of detestably violent esoteric blitzkrieg jawa warcore and glitchy cut-party industrial cyborg speed-havoc as well as evil shitcore bedroom science madness.

all music is mp3 + free.

our site is a simple platform for people and their music. naboa is the collaborative project started by EDN and Laskfar Vortok. representing san francisco, oakland, los angeles, isla vista, portland, detroit, brooklyn.

don't hesitate to send us your music.

////like sticking your dick in a dolphin's blowhole and then screaming 'I AM THE MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE' at the top of your lungs////

and remember, power must be decentralized in order to achieve collective security
that is why we must fight the official broadcasts of the Control System

to many men
to many people making to many problems

and not much love to go round

chai neez grandmother for desert, where are you mr. zoke. I am here

did I write this? looks like something I would write.