The biggest hardcore community in former USSR-countries.
One of the first popular Russian hardcore forums from year 2005 till now.
The language of forum is English, the forum is still grows, new features adding constantly, it has very strong community.

The forum is very well structured - each genre forum has subforums: Discussion Section, New Vinyls, 2009 Vinyls, Albums, Livesets, Vinyls, Tracks, Full Record Labels/Album Series, Requests, Vinyls Archive.

A lot of genres made it popular: Dutch Hardcore (2800 topics), UK Hardcore (4900 topics), Hardstyle/Jump (4900 topics), Techno/Schranz (1700), Drum'n'Bass/Breaks (2300), Commercial Trance/Hands Up! (1400), Uplift/Hard Trance (2000), Hard House/Dance (300), House (2800). Also has Video, Technical, Music Makers, All For DJ's, Party sections.

Site design from 2005 year hadn't changed generally, but forum was - now it works on latest Invision Power Board.

Visit anyway.