Swedish Underground Alliance

shows a new side of the underground

Swedish Underground Alliance (SEUA) was founded in the early 2000's with the objective to raise the Hardcore scene in Sweden and give noname DJs and great Swedish name a chance to play at parties, and that all works together towards a goal and it was to get rid of drugs, violence, Nazism, well all the things that killed Swedish and European scene in the beginning. This was for SEUA a very good start which has given us the opportunity to create a a bigger hardcore scene. But today is not SEUA what it was, for today SEUA is a company and in its portfolio have record company, (both Vinyl/CD & Digital) Booking agency and event organizer group.

SEUA as a company is young but rapidly growing, we have today with us over 40 artists and DJs from all corners of Europe and we are dealing not just with the Hardcore music but also Hardstyle, HardTechno, HardTrance and Hard Dance.